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Dr. Renee Grant's Story

When Dr. Grant was growing up, she stayed at doctor’s offices and Children’s hospital for various childhood illnesses and conditions. It was a family joke that she was on a first name basis with the staff and should have had her own room. From a very early age, Dr. Grant was prescribed medication after medication and at the age of 15, learned that pain medications would never work for her. She suffered from chronic pain and in 2009, ended up in a wheelchair awaiting knee surgery on both knees.


When her surgeon wouldn’t operate, her physical therapist wouldn’t work with her because she was in too much pain, no medications were working, and her job wouldn’t accommodate her condition, she turned to acupuncture. It was her last resort.


Within weeks of starting her acupuncture treatment plan, she was able to move from a wheelchair to a cane and eventually able to walk unaided. She has successfully avoided knee surgery, has full use of both of her legs, and is living pain free. In 2009, Dr. Grant enrolled in acupuncture school on her way to becoming a licensed acupuncturist. She knew she had to learn this great medicine and bring it back to her community. 


Dr. Grant specializes in chronic complex cases. She offers individually tailored treatment plans to give you the best comprehensive care and get you back to living the life you deserve.


Master's degree in Acupuncture from Tai Sophia Institute 

Doctor of Acupuncture from Maryland University of Integrative Health

10 years of clinical experience 

Lectures, teaches, and trains professionals and doctors across the US and internationally

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