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Success Stories

Success Stories

My rheumatoid arthritis had advanced to the point that walking was actually scooting. Any pressure on my knees resulted in shooting pain. Sleeping through the night consisted of waking every four hours. After a year and a half under an orthopedic surgeon’s care, the success of the shots and the gel injections lasted less than a week. Under Dr. Renee Grant’s acupuncture care, the shooting pain is gone. I am sleeping through the night. And the icing on this journey is that I shed 10 pounds!! Dr. Grant works on the root causes of issues. She works on the whole body! How great is that!!!”

- N.A.

Dr. Grant is an amazing acupuncturist! I started coming to her to treat PCOS, endometriosis and pelvic congestion. My pain levels went from an average of 8-10 to 0-3 after regular treatment. I’ve been seeing her for years as my outcome with her was better than the multiple surgeries I endured."

- J.B.

I came (to Dr. Grant) with severe pain in my neck. It was radiating down my shoulder and arm. The pain was so severe…I was miserable and exhausted from pain and lack of sleep.  While I’m still early in the treatment cycle, I have already experienced some positive results!! I am no longer waking up from pain at night and I’ve been able to step down my Advil use. I am actually sleeping through the night again! Dr. Grant and her staff are amazing professionals and I am convinced that I will be able to get rid of all of my pain medications soon under her care. So if you’re looking for a healing space that will help your body and mind, check out Dr. Grant and her amazing practice! You will NOT regret it!"


Dr Grant is fantastic! She treated my mom who has chronic pain and a history of multiple back surgeries. After a few treatments my mom was able to stand fully for the first time in years. I highly recommend working with her. She is completely worth it.

- L.D.

I have been dealing with chronic sciatica. For months, I couldn't walk short distances without needed to take breaks due to pain. This persisted despite feeling like I had tried it all... From the start Dr. Grant and her team made me feel safe. They genuinely empathized with my pain, clearly explained my options and detailed what kind of results I could expect....After 3 weeks of treatments, I was able to walk and stand....the pain is less intense and I no longer feel it in my foot!

- A.G.

I started seeing Dr. Grant for treatment of anxiety and within a few weeks saw a marked improvement. The office is very relaxing, clean, and accommodating. It’s a truly great experience every time and I cannot recommend their services enough.

- N.F.

I went to Dr. Grant FOR 2+ years because I struggled with the PCOS symptom of not having a period for years at a time. Our work together healed my PCOS! It's been years since I've been back in her office and my moon cycle is coming more regularly than ever. Healing is possible! Invest in the wealth of your health. I swear by the miracles acupuncture can achieve and being with Dr. Grant is a major bonus. She's the best. Go see her today... right now!

- C.M.

I am very pleased with my acupuncture plan. The results are amazing! I would recommend Dr. Renee Grant to anyone struggling with pain and other ailments. She takes the time to listen, evaluate and create the perfect plan for relief. The acupuncture is painless and effective. The staff is wonderful as well. Five star service.

- O.T.

I didn't think that acupuncture would help me this much with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. From the moment I walked in I felt at ease. Dr. Grant was very welcoming, attentive and understanding. I couldn't have asked for a better Dr to treat me. For years my pain was a 9 out of 10 and I wasn't able to sleep through the night from all the pain. Since starting treatment, not only has my pain decreased to a 2 out of 10, but I am able to sleep through the night and wake rested. The results are almost unbelievable! I cannot recommend Dr. Grant enough. Your body will thank you! 

- G.L 

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