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You Don't Have to Live with Long Covid


While the initial alarm of the Covid-19 outbreak has subsided, the pandemic is ongoing. The spread may have slowed but we continue to feel the long term impacts. Nearly 23 million Americans (100 million people globally) have learned that regardless of the severity of their initial infection, they may continue to experience debilitation symptoms for weeks, months or even years. In a number of cases these symptoms worsen with time, even turning deadly. 




Officially dubbed Long Covid, the aftermath of the original virus has taken on a life of its own. Dozens of symptoms have been reported and include everything from shortness of breath and cognitive issues to a sudden onset of diabetes and cardiothoracic conditions. These symptoms are so well-documented and common that those suffering now qualify for disability assistance. 


You might think that a novel virus needs a novel solution but you'd only be half right. While we are using innovative solutions like ATP Resonance BioTherapy   to combat Long Covid because it aids in the healing and repair of specific cells and tissues, it's a much more time-tested science that's getting our patients back to living their lives. 


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